If you're reading this that means you've recently became engaged (Woohoo) and you’re looking to capture this exciting time in your story through photos!  

 We want your engagement session to be fun, unique, and leave you feeling more in love than ever! My husband and I have both been down this road and remember all of the excitement and ALL the nerves that led up to our own engagement photos too. So, we've put together a list of FAQ's to help prepare you and ease any nerves!

 After you've had the chance to read through, we have a little form below that we'd love for you to fill out (it'll only take a few minutes, promise!). This helps us get to know the two of you a little more and prepare us for your engagement session! Congratulations! :)



What is the goal of an engagement session?

     It's our goal to create an opportunity for you to escape the everyday craziness of life & wedding planning and focus on each other during our time together. Being engaged is such an incredible time of your lives and we want you to soak in every minute of it! Being able to share in this time with you and capture your love and excitement is definitely why we love doing engagement sessions!

There are also a few other reasons we love engagement sessions so much! They give you an opportunity to see us in action while you get comfortable being in front of the camera! By the end of the session, it is our goal to make you forget about the cameras and just soak each other in! We also hope at the same time you feel like you are surrounded by your friends and not just two dorky photographers!

What should we wear?

     Our best advice to you is to wear something that you feel AMAZING in! We want you to feel good! If you have more than one outfit in mind, please feel free to bring a change of clothes!  First of all, bring multiple outfits. Depending on the lighting and the creative mood you're in, you may want to change halfway through the shoot or when you arrive at a different location. Dress to your personality, be fun and creative! If you're sporty, wear your favorite team shirt, if you have a favorite blouse that just can't stay on the hangar, wear it! Remember to try and color-coordinate, keeping it in the same color family. Some additional tips are:

For the ladies:   Wear bright colors for one of your looks, the bright colors will enhance the photo and landscape. Changing into a darker or more neutral color will help bring the focus and attention to your faces.
Be yourself. Our favorite photos are the ones where the couple looks and feels like themselves. Wearing an outfit, you’re comfortable in will only accentuate your style and personality.

For the gents:  Bring a few different shirts to change into to match your partner. A button-down shirt will help to frame your face rather than a t-shirt, and also provides more flexibility with your look (sleeves, buttoned up, tucked in, etc.)

What shouldn’t we wear?

Well…most of our clients don't ask us this…but these are some things to consider.   Do not wear baggy or loose shirts or pants. The baggy and loose clothing will make you look wider in photos and hide your figure. Do not over tan or start tanning the week of your engagement session—you will look orange in the photos. And finally, do not wear stripes and plaid patterns, they never look good in the final shots.

What is the best time to shoot?

We will typically schedule an engagement session in the early morning or about 2-3 hours before sunset. The lighting truly makes all the difference in the quality of the photographs, so it's imperative to BE ON TIME.

Should we use a theme?

While you do not have to select a specific "theme," themes can be fun. We've had couples set up scenarios for their engagement sessions that fit their hobbies and interests and were really excited about the unique outcome. Some ideas are: camping, baking, picnic, sailing, staying at home, ice skating, etc.


Should we use props?

Of course! Like I've said, we love for our couples personalities to shine through in their engagement photos. So, if adding a prop to a few shots is what you're wanting – please let us know your idea and bring it with you! We just suggest not going crazy with the amount of stuff you bring because depending on our location(s) these things will have to be toted around and we want to keep your hands free, and more importantly YOU stress free!

Where should we take our photos?

Choose one or a few locations (including my studio located in Cocoa Village) that are meaningful to you. We recently had a couple select the high school where they first met, and the movie theater where they had their first date.  This always effects the session in a positive way, not only were they excited to be reliving these meaningful moments, but their energy and passion was caught on camera.

How long will it take for us to receive our photos?

For Engagement Sessions: At maximum - 4 weeks. We post sneak peaks on our Facebook and Instagram pages usually the same or next day, so make sure to follow along! Because sometimes there's just too much excitement we can't not post a few of our favorites ;)

Rely on your photographer's creative input and don't be afraid to take risks. This may involve some out of the ordinary concepts—but if you want those unique photos that no one else has, trust in your artist. While the photographer is trying to capture the essence of your relationship, remember to act natural, don't be afraid to play up your relationship by kissing and embracing for the camera.

How do we receive our images?

Once your images are ready... You will receive an email that contains the online link to your gallery. You will also get a password for logging-in to your gallery. You can simply download your images however you like, whether you want them on your phone or your computer. You can download one-by-one or the collection as a whole and you have the choice to download web or full resolution images. You can also create a favorites folder, share with friends and family straight from your gallery and order prints which get delivered directly to you! We go through the same highly trusted print lab for all of our prints and albums. So everything stays consistent with amazing quality.
Most of all... We want you to enjoy your images, print them, share them with friends and family! They're meant to be loved and cherished for years to come.

Basically, you be you and We'll be us.

Trust us on this one. It'll be beautiful & bursting with love. All those little details that you have been worrying about always fall into place and we are there to help guide you through every way of your session. You'll be laughing way more than worrying about where your hands and feet go. With the end result being still frames filled with genuine love and emotion that will bring you back time and time again to that very moment.

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